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Gellert Hill

What is an event description?

An event description is copy that aims to tell your potential attendees what will be happening at the event, who will be speaking, and what they will get out of attending. Good event descriptions can drive attendance to events and also lead to more media coverage.

These and other examples of how not to write a description are available on the Internet for research.

The five W’s of your event:

  • What: What is the name of the event? What benefits can guests expect?
  • Who: Who is hosting the event?
  • When: When will the event take place?
  • Where: What is the venue of the event?
  • Why: Why is the event being held? Why should guests come?

In addition, you should include a captivating picture in your description as well as keywords or actionable hashtags to make it searchable on social media.

There are also many ways you can phrase your event description, and the choice of wording is mostly determined by the communication’s intention: encouraging the recipient to take part in communication, establishing and maintaining business contacts, building interpersonal relationships between communicants (appreciation, presentation, or exhibition), or just having a good time (ball or banquet).



Férőhely: 1000
  • Gellert Hill
  • Budapest


  • 2021.11.18. 09:00   -   2021.12.22. 12:00


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