Welcome to Békáspuszta - our first conservation camp has started

Sunday marked the start of our first summer camp on nature conservation, organised jointly with the Csányi Foundation. A total of 12 children stayed at our campsite in Békáspuszta. We spent the first day playing, mainly getting to know each other and our environment. The latter involved using our senses to experience the diversity of nature around us and learn about biodiversity, and then we tested which of our major rivers had the longest stretch in Hungary - this time the Drava won.

After a morning of "stretching" together, we started our professional programme with our hosts from Békáspuszta, the wildlife management branch of Bóly Zrt., and visited Béda-Karapanča. During our walk together we got acquainted with the typical fauna and flora of the habitat, learned how to identify game tracks and were also introduced to various hunting equipment. We then set up several wildlife cameras so that we could analyse the images they captured together on the last day of the camp. We were delighted to have Bütyök and Tüske join us for the morning activities. In the afternoon, we visited the local agricultural history museum and then made detailed observations of nature's treasures, both large and small, through nature journaling.

Throughout the week, there will be plenty of exciting activities for campers to enrich their knowledge and experience. Tomorrow, the focus will be on native bird species.

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