Paddling, bonfire, quizzes and games - the last days of the camp

By Thursday we had reached our last full day of camp. As before, we had a wide range of experiences and knowledge, with hunting and game species, native bird species, and floodplain life and farming being the main topics of our programmes. Today we paddled the Danube again, and in the morning we canoed along the Outer Béda to learn about the characteristics of wetlands, for example, what percentage of the [...]

Barkóscinege adventure - another camp experience

On the first day of our conservation summer camp, we met our enthusiastic and curious campers, with whom we set off the next day to explore the surrounding habitat and local wildlife, as we wrote in detail about our initial camp experience in a previous post. The next day of the camp was christened "bird of the year adventure" after the bird of the year, as we dedicated the whole day to native bird species. After an early wake-up call, we [...]

Welcome to Békáspuszta - our first conservation camp has started

Group photo

Sunday marked the start of our first summer camp on nature conservation, organised jointly with the Csányi Foundation. A total of 12 children stayed at our campsite in Békáspuszta. We spent the first day playing, mainly getting to know each other and our environment. As part of the latter, we experienced the diversity of nature around us through the use of our different senses and learned about biodiversity, and then we also tested [...]


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