The Xth International Conference on Deer Biology has begun

The 10th International Conference on Deer Biology has begun

This year, the International Deer Biology Congress (IDBC) will be held for the tenth time in Eszek, Hungary, from 5 to 9 September, where participants will be able to learn about the latest international research results in the field. And what topics will be covered?

Speakers from around the world will present their scientific findings in the areas of deer antler conservation, deer conservation, habitat and management, deer health and disease, and deer physiology and nutrition. In addition, a permanent poster session will run alongside the presentations to provide a visual display of further research findings. We are delighted to see, for example, a poster displaying the research achievements of our founder and the chairman of the board of trustees, as we walk through the rows.

The first professional day of the conference started with a series of interesting presentations after a welcome speech by the organisers and the city administration. We heard about the potential role of deer antlers as a bioindicator of environmental pollution, learned about the reasons why natural resource managers are getting involved in the increasingly popular field of citizen science, and explored the potential of the unique rapid growth of deer antlers for medicinal purposes, including the fight against cancer.

Our Foundation supports the participation of two students - Balázs Bócsi from the Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences and Áron Sárközy from the University of Sopron. More detailed reports on their experiences and new knowledge will be available in the future.

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